Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Minimum Order

  • An initial minimum order of $1,000 must be made within 2 weeks of creating your wholesale account with us. 

  • A top up order must then be made every 60 days.

Postcode Exclusivity

  • If the above Minimum Order terms are not met you will not obtain/maintain postcode exclusivity.

  • We do not offer postcode exclusivity for online-only stores.

  • On extremely rare occasions, and at our discretion we can terminate your postcode exclusivity.


  • The wholesale price of goods will be 50% of the retail price,

  • Postage for all wholesale orders will be 12%.

  • We reserve the right to increase prices if the increase is due to a factor beyond our reasonable control.

Orders & Deliveries

  • Wholesale orders need to be made through your wholesale account.

  • On occasion we will process wholesale orders for you over the phone or via email.

  • Goods will not be shipped until we have received payment in full.

  • Your order confirmation will set out: the goods you are purchasing; the volume of goods you are purchasing; the purchase price and delivery details.